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We also sell hand knotted rugs, new, old and antique

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All rugs and carpets are washed with hand! we guarantee that your carpets dyes will not have run after being washed


Dog or cat urinate? Smelly or dirty rugs? kilims or gabbehs? we can help


Are the fringes of your rugs fraying? or the side bindings becoming loose/unwinding? holes or rips in your rugs, kilims or gabbehs? we can help


We provide rug valuations which are used for a variety of insurance & inheritance purposes

Rug Certificates

Rug certificates are used to certify and provide useful information about a rug, killim or gabbeh. Rug certificates also include an insurance price.

Insurance claims

We work with a variety of insurance companies to satisfy client's needs in regards to rug cleaning, repairs, restorations & fade restorations

We work mobile

We can work mobile. This means we come to you. We pickup your rugs and drop them off when the work is done or come visit our shop with your rug directly.


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Address: 1A Patey Street, Epsom Auckland (corner of Market road)

Phone: 021 029 61120

Email: info@rugwashing.co.nz